10 Things You Might Want To Know About Me

10 Things You Might Want To Know About Me

Well, you already know the story behind the blog name and the logo. It's only fair that you now get to know a little bit more about the blog author too. After all, there's only so much one can share in the About page, right?

So here are 10 random things about me, including a few quirks, that you can start with, and I promise I will share more later!

10 Random Things About Me You Probably Want To Know

  1. The first thing people notice about me:
    Probably my INTJ stare.
    Or my smile. 🤔

  2. I value:
    Honesty and transparency in relationships.
    Personal space.
    Mutual respect.
    Self-development and growth.

  3. I am really looking forward to:
    Turning 50.
    Don't you just love the sound of that? 😄

  4. My golden rule:
    Garbage In, Garbage Out.
    That's nerd language for 'Karma'... get it?
    You get what you give. 😔

  5. My perfect day:
    Good company. Good conversations. Good food.
    Add a good movie or a good book, and the day just goes beyond perfect!

  6. My biggest pet peeve:
    When kids call me 'didi' instead of 'aunty'! 🤦
    Just because I am still unmarried !!!
    (When the hell did it get associated with our marital status? Wasn't it supposed to be related to our age?)

  7. My biggest fear:
    Having a surgery.
    (I keep thinking they'll leave a needle or a pair of scissors inside me. Or worse. A watch that plays "Om Mangalam Mangalam" every hour!) 😜

  8. I like to take pictures of:
    Anything and everything really...
    Whatever / whosoever tells a story.
    Isn't life all about stories?

  9. If money were no concern, this is what I would be doing:
    Probably the same as what I am doing now, except with more style and comfort! 😎
    And of course, I'll be ticking off some of the items from my bucket list too.

  10. The most private thing I'm willing to admit here:
    I got locked in the bathroom at my best friend's wedding! 🙈
    (Seriously, I did! One day, I'll share that post here, and you can read all about it!)

So these are 10 things about me that you might have enjoyed reading about.

Now it's your turn. Tell me a little bit about you. What makes you crazy? What keeps you sane? What makes your heart beat a little bit faster? What's your biggest fear? And your biggest pet peeve? 😃

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