4 Yellow Flowers

Happiness: 4 Yellow Flowers
"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

- Albus Dumbledore

And the best part is that you don't even need to go looking for it... it just pops up unexpectedly, anywhere, anytime, out of the blue! The only thing you need to do is be attentive, so you don't miss it when it shows up... AND "turn on the light", as Professor Dumbledore said!

One of such random moments, when happiness came looking for me, was in June 2009, when my Dad and I had gone to some relatives' place for lunch. When we came down and walked to our car in the parking area, to head back for home, this is what we found adorning our emerald green Maruti 800...

Reasons to Smile: 4 Yellow Flowers

These 4 yellow flowers had been carefully arranged in those tiny slits at the base of the windshield wipers.

By whom?
We knew not!

I removed them from there and stepped inside the car, with those flowers, to show them to Dad.

Towards the front of the building, we saw a couple of kids playing... the kind whom we fondly refer to as "street urchins". When they saw us drive out of the building, they smiled shyly at us, and looked at each other.

I looked at them. They looked at the flowers. I looked at the flowers. I looked up at them again. Their smiles widened slightly, albeit still a bit shy... and then I understood. They were the ones who had decided to "decorate" our car!

Out of the two dozen odd cars standing in the parking lot, including some sparkling new specimens of the latest models, the two kids had taken a fancy to our old beaten-down, badly scratched and bruised Maruti 800! Maybe they thought that the green looked cool with the yellow? 🤔

Well, yellow flowers are my favouritest! So I beamed at them. One of my 1000-watt killer smiles! They got confused. And then they beamed right back at me. TWO 1000-watt killer smiles! And we drove off. With the image of those two toothy grins in our minds. And these "4 yellow flowers" in my hand.

Happiness: It spreads with just one smile... and 4 yellow flowers

It is 2021 now. More than a decade has gone by since that chance drizzle of sunshine on my heart. The 4 yellow flowers are long gone. Even the emerald green Maruti 800 is long gone. But the memory remains, and continues to spread that warm glow of ALL THREE 1000-watt smiles... COMBINED... at the oddest of hours! 😄

P.S. - The pictures are a little blurred 'coz they were taken by my Dad's cell phone in a moving car!

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