The Logo - The Story Behind The Design

The Logo - The Story Behind The Design

All logos tell a story. People who design logos tend to put careful consideration into the design and the color scheme. There are no random logo designs... atleast not in the world of custom-made logos.

But, seriously, who would want to build a brand around a generic run-of-the-mill logo?

And who says that anonymous personal blogs can't have a brand?

Mine does.😄

So what's the story behind the logo of Mug Of Muse?

Well, funky mugs have always caught my eye at gift stores. Spent a considerable portion of my pocket money back in college, buying mugs, not just to drink from them, but also to use them as pen holders. That way, they got to reside on my computer table, right where I spent most of MY waking hours too! Never realized when they became synonymous with my muse! 😄

So, when I decided to start this new blog, "Mug Of Muse" was a natural and logical choice for its name, with a crazy-looking mug for its logo!

But why design this particular mug as my logo?

I tried to visualize what my "muse" would look like if it were a person instead of a mug. This is the list of characteristics that I came up with, as well as what I got when I put each of these characteristics on a mug...

  1. Definitely a "she", but not a "pinky-frilly" kinda "she"!
    So I picked a friendly orange and a mysterious purple, to denote all the fun and creative magic inside of her!

  2. Has such a HUUUGE mind that a whole universe seems to exist inside it!
    So the ENTIRE mug became a disproportionately large head, with an open top that represents the infinite expanse of her mind!

  3. Totally oblivious to what's happening around her, lost in her own crazy world!
    Which I decided to depict with her eyes closed, 'coz she's just sooo busy "hyper-ideating" inside her mental Universe!

  4. Keeps trying to stick her nose into anything that seems new!
    So naturally, the handle of the mug became the nose, overgrown with her extreme curiosity!

  5. She's full of so MANYYYY questions! Always trying to solve some "mystery" or the other! (And yes, EVERYthing NEW... IS a mystery for her!)
    This was easy... the handle/nose also came to represent one gigantic "question mark"!

  6. Has a whole comic factory running inside her HUGE mind, finding something to laugh about in most of the distressing or humiliating episodes of life!
    Hence, the perpetual ":D" on her face! (If not a mug, she'd have probably been a laughing Buddha! But mugs are more creative, don't you think?)

  7. Loves interacting with random strangers, adding their stories to her constantly-growing pile of creative "raw material"!
    So I gave her arms that are already half raised, ready to wave those "Hiiiiis" to her tribe of random *Babu-Mushaays*!

  8. Always so impatient, creating for herself a seemingly-endless cycle of stumbling, falling, hurting, getting back up on her feet! But she's tough... hurts sometimes, but doesn't break!
    Which is why her "shiny countenance" is accompanied by a pair of flimsy-looking legs that can barely keep up with her creative energy!

So, presenting before you... (drumrolls, please!) my brand new, Mug Of Muse!

How do you like her? 😃

Oh look! She's waving a "Hiiii" to you! So are you one of her *Babu-Mushaays*? 🤣

Here's more in MyShowcase...

Let me know you visited me. Leave a comment!

Wanna Talk? :)

Unknown said...

HELLO Mug Of Muse!
Nice to meet you 😊


Kay said...

Aah! Another Babu Mushay waves back! 😄 Please put your name also na!

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