10 Things I'm Really Good At

10 things I'm really good at

So this is where I get to blow my own trumpet a bit! 😄

Here's a list of my 10 "super powers"... 10 things I'm really, actually, exceptionally, fantastically good at!

My 10 Super Powers

  1. Coming up with quirky food combinations, though not necessarily palatable ones! 😜

  2. Narrating a 3-hour movie in 6 (or more!) hours! 😁

  3. Bathroom singing... or kitchen singing... or balcony singing... or... actually, ANYWHERE singing! 😊

  4. Fitting large amounts of stuff in tiny spaces! 💪

  5. Making funny rabbit faces! 🤓

  6. Improvisation, or the famed creative Indian 'jugaad'! 😎

  7. Misplacing my eye-glasses! 👓

  8. Not remembering to charge my mobile phone... or plugging-in the charger, but not remembering to turn on the switch! 🙈

  9. Playing 'Nancy Drew'. 🕵️‍

  10. Making lists... in case you haven't already figured this out for yourself by now! 😝

So tell me now... which of these do you most covet? And what are YOUR top 10 super-powers?

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Obsessivemom said...

No 4 is definitely useful. As also no 3 - to be able to sing anywhere - that's a talent and No 1 spells innovation. It's a decent enough list, I say.

Kay said...

No. 4 is soooo useful! Very true, Tulika... and good to reconnect with you! 😃

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