One Year Old

One Year Old

In my previous post - Humble Beginnings - I mentioned that I would find the first anniversary post of my shop, from my old blog, and add it to THIS blog. Here it is, along with all the shop pics shared in it... [originally shared on 5th January 2015]

. . .

That's right. My shop is now one-year old. I promised new pics in my previous post. Here they are...

Well, as you can see, A LOT has changed in one year. There's more stock now, of more variety, and there are more racks and tables too, but, thankfully, it still doesn't look cluttered...

Oh wait! Those thermocol sheets in the third pic look out of alignment! Tch!

Never mind... will take care of it later!

Main thing is that I kind of like my shop. It's been over a year, and I still look forward to going to my shop every day, even with all the extra work it means for me.

I guess that's how life is when your heart is in it, right? :)

. . .

That was a pretty astute observation at the end.
What is it that YOU look forward to every day?
What gets you out of the bed and raring to go every morning?

Here's more in MyDiary...

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