10 Most Favorite Harry Potter Characters

10 Most Favorite Harry Potter Characters

Do you ever fall in love with a book's characters so much that they stay in your mind long after you've finished the book? Even years later?

This post was inspired by another fellow Potterhead in my blogosphere. I had been catching up on some blog reading earlier in the day, when I came across her post, in which she'd mentioned the Weasley Twins as two of her favorite Harry Potter characters. That got me thinking about MY favorite characters from this series too. And since I love making 'Top 10' lists, I figured why not do a 'Top 10' of my favorite Harry Potter characters! So, here they are...

My 10 Most Favorite Harry Potter Characters

  1. Professor Dumbledore.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Professor Dumbledore

    Professor Dumbledore - the greatest wizard of all times, who looks down through his half-moon glasses, with all-knowing eyes, at the students gathered before him in the Great Hall of Hogwarts. (And occasionally, winks at Harry too!) He's known to be a man of great wisdom, crazy passwords, and some really memorable quotes. Here's one of them...

    It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live - Albus Dumbledore

  2. Professor Hagrid.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Professor Hagrid

    Professor Hagrid - the simpleton, over-emotional, half-giant, who prescribes the Monster Book of monsters (which the students can't even figure out how to open), keeps a dragon for a pet, and makes iron-hard cookies! Oh, but his loyalty, towards those he loves, knows no bounds!

  3. Harry Potter.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: The Boy Who Lived

    The boy who lived. Despite all odds. His recklessness. And his courage. And the great love "trouble" has for him. And yes, all his emotional "screwed-up-ness" too! All the rage bottled-up inside of him. All his feelings of being a misfit... or the odd-one-out. So over-weighed by a sense of responsibility. And his complete inability to ask for help. Also, his complete inability to look at himself the way others do... see his own goodness. Oh yes, very much human. Very relatable.

  4. Ronald Weasley.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Ronald Weasley

    The red-haired boy with freckles and a perpetually lost look on his face. Dealing with his own insecurities and self-worth issues. Yet, still so brave and loyal. Also very much human. If you think about it, the only reason he had to go through all those dangerous adventures with Harry was because his family showed Harry how to get onto Platform 9 and 3/4.

  5. Hermione Granger.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Hermione Granger

    Miss "Cross-your-T's-and-dot-your-I's". Hehehe! That's what I thought of her in the first part of the series. She kind of reminds me of myself in many ways. Will call a spade "a spade". Tactless and blunt. Also witty and sharp. Loves to learn. Very knowledgeable, but also so condescending about it at times. Oh and so good at thinking things through logically. I think Harry and Ron were seriously very bad influence on this hard-working, disciplined, studious, and once-upon-a-time-a-law-abiding-student-of-Hogwarts!

  6. Weasley Twins.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Weasley Twins

    The greatest mischief-makers I've ever seen in any book! So full of life, with such a refreshingly different perspective on every situation. Seriously! I can't even begin to imagine what poor Molly must have gone through raising these two imps! Two "wizard" imps, on top of everything! Phewww! But some of my favorite quotes from this series come from these two geniuses. And I kind of looked forward to their bits in the books, especially when the plot got a little dark after Voldemort's return to flesh, in The Goblet of Fire.

  7. "Loony Luna" Lovegood.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Loony Luna Lovegood

    I don't think there is any Potterhead in the whole world who didn't develop a fondness for this dreamy-eyed, seemingly scatter-brained girl, who read the Quibbler upside down, wore radishes and dirigible plums as earrings, and spoke some of the wisest words at times... wise beyond her years!

  8. Dobby.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Dobby, the free elf

    The revolutionary house-elf. The bravest and most loyal friend anyone could ever wish for. So expressive in his love for Harry Potter, albeit in annoyingly weird ways. His huge heart was definitely in the right place. Can't say he had much of a brain though. I actually cried when he died, I had become so fond of him.

  9. Professor McGonagall

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Professor McGonagall

    Hogwarts teacher and Gryffindor's House-Mistress. Witty and sharp, loaded with that famous English sarcasm. She is one teacher in that Wizarding school whom both students and teachers alike tried not to cross. Strict and fair for the most part, but can be seen bending the rules too occasionally, whenever times call for extreme measures. Come to think of it, she's practically the grown-up version of Hermione Granger.

  10. Errol.

    Favorite Harry Potter Characters: Errol, the Weasley owl

    The old, decrepit owl of the Weasleys. Famous for collapsing during his post deliveries. Always landing at the wrong place, at the wrong time, in the wrong style. Ron calls him a "menace". Poor thing. He looks so miserable. I don't know why, but, I developed a stronger fondness for this wretched creature than for Harry's gorgeous white Hedwig.

So these are my Top 10 Favorite Harry Potter Characters. And let me tell you, it was really difficult picking just 10 favorite from the ENTIRE series! The characters are so brilliantly created that even some of the ones with really small roles have left deep marks on us, e.g., Lee Jordan, for his awesome commentary during Quidditch matches. Oh, and Neville Longbottom, for his amazing transformation in the final year! Even Professor Snape, for that matter, but I could go on here...

Who are your favorite characters from the Harry Potter series? How many from my list match your top 10 too? Who would you replace, and with whom?

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