2021: In A Nutshell

2021: In A Nutshell

In Nichiren Buddhism, we learn about the concept of 'Human Revolution' – a term used to describe the process of deep inner transformation to bring forth our full human potential, free of fear, ignorance and ego. This process involves identifying and challenging all those inner tendencies that inhibit the full expression of our humanity, so that we can develop a state marked with limitless possibilities, where we are able to create something of value out of any situation.

The year 2021, for me, has been a year of such ‘Human Revolution’, revolving around the core themes of personal growth, faith and acceptance.

So What Was 2021 For Me, In A Nutshell?

In short, 2021 was a LIFE-ALTERING year for me. Early on in the year, I made certain choices that put me on a path that very few dream about. As I look back upon the year now, I recall the following key highlights from it:

Training / Upskilling

  • Course on Understanding Bhagavad-Gita in 18 days (I actually read all 700 verses in 18 days!)
  • Learnt advanced WordPress designing for content-heavy websites
  • NLP Practitioner Course
  • NLP Master Practitioner Course
  • 25th Hour (Productivity & Time Management Workshop)
  • Brainival (Creativity & Speed-Reading Workshop)
  • Learnt advanced PPT designing
  • Learnt basic video editing

Professional / Career

  • New and EXPANDED vision for my professional website (merged TWO ventures into ONE MAMMOTH project, with HUUUGE long-term scope!)
  • Logo, design & layout of the website complete
  • Finished work on all the standard & legally mandatory pages
  • Completed a detailed 2-Year Calendar for content layout & flow (what, when & how)
  • Identified monetization channels, added them into the content flow calendar
  • Even got live hands-on experience in NLP-based coaching (with friends AND paid clients!)

Health / Personal Growth

  • Managed to keep family safe and emotionally grounded throughout COVID19
  • Was able to finally understand and ACCEPT my past, present & future
  • Developed ABSOLUTE faith in the support of the Universe
  • Nutritional deficiencies identified & taken care of
  • Worked on building a positive self-image, with greater self-confidence & assertiveness
  • Overthinking habit brought down by at least 90%
  • Overcame fear of relationships/marriage

Creativity / Social

  • Started writing again on this new personal blog, this time even better than before
  • Improved communication and assertiveness with immediate family
  • Participated in online social events of extended family and friends
  • Participated actively in online Meetups, Gakkai activities & NLP practice sessions

So, this is what I am primarily grateful for in the year that was -- the good, the better, and the best of 2021 for me.

And what about the ‘bad’?

LOL! There was no ‘bad’. Remember? ‘Something of value out of ANY situation’ !!! 😁😁😁

So, here's wishing a Very Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones! How was 2021 for you? And...

Happy New Year 2022
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M R said...

I can vouch for the growth ,Kay,having seen you ruminate over ,assess,and reason out so many issues in NLP classes. And it's my privilege to witness the butterfly emerging in all it's glory and beauty

Kay said...

Thanks M R! In fact, it's been MY privilege to have been a part of such an amazing supportive group! 😊🤗

Kamini Bhasin said...

Kay! A very productive, satisfying and Happy 2022 to you! Wonderful start on a very positive note after many accomplishments in 2021. Acceptance of any situation is the first step to victory. You are already half way there! More power and wisdom to you.All the best...

Kay said...

Thank you, Kamini ma'am! 😊
Yes, 2021 was an awesome year for me in terms of personal growth. And for 2022, I have chosen to focus mainly on the areas of health/fitness and career/wealth.
Wish you an amazing New Year as well! 🙏

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