Birthday Sunshine

Birthday Sunshine and a Heart full of Gratitude

Are you one of those people whose heart melts with joy when someone does something thoughtful for you? When someone remembers your favorite food, and makes EXACTLY THAT when you visit them! Or when someone goes shopping, and is considerate enough to remember, AND BUY, the perfect turquoise-blue ‘junk jewelery’ for you that has been on your shopping list for months! Or even when someone remembers to charge your phone for your online class in the evening, because they know you might forget!

Well, I am TOTALLY such a person! 😁

Little things that people do for me, matter in BIG ways to me... and YES, I DO notice them all, no matter how little they may be.

Few days ago, I posted about my 44th birthday. As the COVID cases are on the rise again, we are avoiding all travel at the moment. So, my sister had to cancel her tentative plans to come over for my birthday.

And, being engrossed with the presentation earlier, and then with some other stuff, I didn’t get a chance to tell her exactly what ‘gift’ I wanted this year, so that she could order it online for me on time.

She also knew that we wouldn’t go out anywhere to celebrate either, because of the upward spike in the pandemic situation.

So, to make my day special in some way at least, she decided to send me some flowers. Not just ANY flowers, but my FAVORITE ones… the ones that are YELLOW in color! 😛

And she didn’t breathe a word about it before, not even to Dad, which made it a TOTAL SURPRISE! So, yeah… you can probably imagine the grin on my face when I first laid my eyes on these beauties… 😄😄

Yellow Roses and a Heart full of Gratitude

I would also like to add here that I didn’t grow up in an environment where gifting flowers on special occasions was the norm. In fact, the first time I received flowers as gifts was on my 26th birthday, when my office teammates got me a big bunch of yellow flowers, because some of them had once seen me trying to (ahem!) hug a patch of yellow flowers in a park.

Actually, that wasn’t the only bouquet of yellow flowers I'd received on that particular birthday. I don’t know how the word spread, but my elderly landlord and landlady, whom I had invited for the celebrations, also got me some yellow flowers. Even their young resident servant, probably in his teens, who used to call me ‘Didi’ and joyfully do all kinds of errands for me, spent some of his OWN hard-earned money, to buy some yellow flowers for me!

THAT was the biggest and most pleasant surprise for me that day, ‘coz we (three other girls at work, and me) had only moved in to that place 10 days before, which isn’t “normally considered” a long enough timespan to forge any kind of “bonds” with anyone, but somehow we did… and that kid didn’t really HAVE TO buy flowers for me separately, but still he did! So, undoubtedly, HIS felt the most beautiful and precious of ALL the flowers I received that day!

I had forgotten all about this day for the last so many years, but my sister’s “surprise yellow roses” took me back in time to the 18-year younger version of myself, and made me re-live all the love and good cheer of that day, filling my heart with joy and gratitude once again! 😊

Here, take a look... even after almost a week, the roses are still so fresh…

Yellow Roses and a Heart full of Gratitude

It's quite strange... how even such a small incident tends to remind you of ALL that there is to be grateful for in this life... family, friends, random people full of kindness whom you get to cross paths with briefly, the internet and the various ecommerce stores that have made life considerably less lonely and so much more bearable even in the last two years of this pandemic...

There really is so much to give thanks for!

I finally decided to record these incidents here, lest I should forget them again... 'coz moments like these are totally worth remembering, aren't they?

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