Change: Snowy Alpines



What comes to your mind when you think of this word? What if you had to represent ‘CHANGE’ as a photo? How would you show it?

This word was the ‘photo prompt’ during one of the daily-blogging challenges I did on my old blog. And I juggled with a lot of ideas in my mind for this prompt.

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I thought I could show a change of seasons with a collage of various pictures taken from my balcony – foggy, cloudy, clear sky, monsoon...

Or I could show the change in me, from when my hair was really long, to when it was practically in a boy-cut.

I could show the change in my nephew UV (whose birth marked the birth of my old blog), from the day he was born, to the day I last saw him in Patna.

Or I could show the change in a cooking process, from the ingredients to the finished dish.

I could photograph an old chip of soap placed next to a brand-new bar.

Or I could simply take a picture of my wall clock, to show the changing time.

Buds and flowers, from the gardens in my society, was an option too.

So was a nest full of pigeons and their eggs/baby pigeons.

Eventually, I decided to photograph this...


A best-out-of-waste, DIY art-work that I had done some time back then.

Some old wool and an empty chilli-sauce bottle... recycled into a pretty vase with some enamel paint and handmade pom-pom flowers. (Of course, now, you can get readymade pom pom flowers online too.)

I call it the “Snowy Alpines”.

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

– Wayne Dyer

In 2021, I changed the way I look at myself. What was the biggest change that the year brought to you?

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Neha Chauhan said...

Wow a new way of looking at things.....give me a great relieve that yes every moment things are changing and yes I am also cos without that I can't survive but only one thing missing in this process the consciousness and attentiveness...which I sure I am going to start CHANGE.

Kay said...

Awesome, Neha! All the best to you! 💞
And thank you for stopping by! 😃

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