Impressions In Life

Many of us never really stop to think before we say or do something. We don’t realize that our every word and act is affecting the people around us in so many conscious and unconscious ways.

As they say –

"It is impossible to walk on the beach without making an imprint in the sand and taking some of it with us."

– Unknown

Same way, it is impossible to walk through life, without “rubbing off” onto the people we meet along the way, and taking something from them too, even unconsciously.

Every time we interact with people, we leave an impression on them, while they do the same to us. A random kind word, an unexpected compliment (yes, even to a stranger), a genuine warm smile, a spontaneous act of generosity or helpfulness... they can go a long way in making someone's day. Similarly, it is equally easy to prick someone's happy bubble by a sharp word or an unkind look.

Yet, so many of us remain ignorant of this fact. In fact, some have even become so self-centred that they DELIBERATELY choose to cause harm to others and deceive or manipulate others for their selfish pleasures or gains. "I, me, myself" seems to be their sole motto in life, which they religiously follow, not caring the least bit about how many souls they damage in the process, or how deep the scars they leave behind on people.

. . .

When I originally wrote the above post in July, 2013, I used to believe that some scars never heal, that some imprints become permanent.

What I forgot to pay attention to back then was that in the end, it’s only sand, after all. All it takes is one big wave, and BOTH -- the footprints on the sand, AND the sand on the feet -- are washed off!

So, be careful of the impressions you leave on the souls you come in contact with, and at the same time, also be mindful of what you are carrying along from others. And, if your heart is feeling heavy, make sure you give it a good 'rinse' to clear off all the ‘sand’ you may have picked up...

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