Give 'Life' A Bad Name...

Give Life A Bad Name

So, there are basically two types of people in the world -- the HEROES and the VICTIMS. The heroes are always in control of things, taking responsibility for whatever happens in their life; whereas the victims always seem to act as if they have no say in things, attributing everything in their life to circumstances, fate, other people.

When the heroes would be thinking along the lines of "How to overcome this challenge?", the victims would be blaming something/someone - "It's BECAUSE of xyz that this happpened!"

. . .

There was this stretch of almost a decade in my life, when I seemed to be bumping into simply too many of such "BECAUSE" people. And there came a day when, naturally, I'd HAD ENOUGH!

Luckily for the people around me, my old blog was very much alive back then. So, that's where I let it all out, in the form of one of my "famous" rant posts!

Re-sharing it below in a different font color. It was originally published in January 2016.

Is Life Really As Bad Or Complicated As We Make It Out To be?

I am fed up of people telling me that "life is complicated"!

Life is NOT complicated. Life is simple. As simple as a baby's smile. Period.

YOU guys make it complicated. (guys = people)

Because of your LIES. That you tell others and even yourself. (Yes, that includes photos and status updates that depict a distorted reality on Facebook Fakebook.)

Because of your "people-pleasing" attitude. That does not allow honest and straightforward communication.

Because of your "have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too" nature.

Because of your inability to let go of stuff that is not/no longer in your best interests. Including people. Including family members too, if needed.

Because of your inability to prioritize your needs/wants.

Because of your lack of strength and/or desire to GO AFTER what you really want.

Or worse...

Because you don't even know WHAT you really want.

. . .

Just stop blaming life for problems that YOU CREATE for yourself.

You're NOT a fly caught in the spider's web. You ARE the spider. You BUILT that web. ALL of it.

Spiders Web

WOW! I was in absolutely no mood to mince my words that day, was I? Just gave it out as blunt as I could. LOL! But my readers back then were used to my occasional rants. In fact, they actually looked forward to them, found them amusing even!

What about you though?
Which side of "BECAUSE" do YOU usually find yourself on?
Do you think life is simple or complicated?

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Wanna Talk? :)

Sharmee Divan said...

Total dhobi pachaad

Kay said...

@Sharmee: hai na! 😜

Neha Chauhan said...

Yes, truly said, we are so much intangled that we don't get time to think we just show our reaction and at the same time don't want to face the changes,with no courage..that's how it is, what an irony..Thanks for putting this point in such a simple way, this artile opened so many faucets of my life.

Kay said...

Rightly said, Neha. We just don't stop to think and face the truth!

Glad you were able to relate to this post, and thank you for stopping by to read and share your views! 🤗

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