Life Is Unfair

Life Is Unfair

Although my preferred mode of communication is, without a doubt, WORDS, but there ARE days when I feel like expressing my one-thousand-words through a picture instead. Today is one of those days.

So, here are a PICTORIAL 1000-words today, on the unfairness of life...

This one is for all those "MONDAYS" that we've wished were "FRIDAYS"! (It was originally a text forward, on WhatsApp, which I decided to represent visually.)

Life is Unfair: Monday to Friday

I suppose nothing can depict the unfairness of life as crisply as the picture above.

But this blog is about different perspectives, right? So here are three other perspectives on the unfairness of life... three of my most favorite quotes on 'Life is Unfair'.

Life is Unfair: Quotes With A Different Perspective

It's UNFAIR to be fair,
for LIFE is unfair.

- Farley Maglaya

Life is unfair,
but remember, sometimes it is unfair
in YOUR favour.

- Peter Ustinov

The ONLY thing,
that makes life unfair,
that it SHOULD be fair.

- Dr. Steven Maraboli

Which of these quotes on 'Life is Unfair' do you like the most?
What other quotes do you recommend adding to this list?

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