Negative Space: Hibiscus On the Wall

Negative Space Photography

Negative space is a type of photography in which you leave a lot of blank space in the photograph to show off the main subject. I had not heard about this type of photography until I took up the Photo A Day Challenge in June 2013, on my old blog. Those interested in knowing more about this form of photography can check out this page -- it has some good examples of using negative space effectively in photographs.

I liked the visual balance provided by this DELIBERATE "blandness" or "minimalism" in photography. So I tried my hand at this form of photography throughout that month, even for other photo prompts. Took quite a few pictures that fit this criteria. Will share them eventually on this new blog as well.

For the actual day of this prompt though, I decided to share a photograph of this hibiscus flower growing in my building.


The wall behind the flower was a bit cracked, with the paint falling off at places. Inspired by some of the other photographs being shared on the Facebook group for this photo-a-day challenge, I decided to experiment a little with Photoshop. Eventually, I just settled on increasing the cracked look of the wall, with the Craquelure filter in Photoshop.

So, how does it look?

Here's more in MyLensViews...

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