10 Pick-Me-Ups That Always Work For Me

10 Pick-Me-Ups That Always Lift Me Out Of The 'Blues'

We all go through those phases sometimes when we feel low on spirits, when we feel uninspired and unenthusiastic about anything and everything in the world. But we cannot always depend on someone else to pull us out of the 'blues', right? 'Coz everybody has their own life to live and may not always be available for us when WE need them.

At times, we just have to cheer ourselves up on our own. And for PRECISELY those times, we ALL need to have some trustworthy pick-me-ups! Here are 10 of mine...

10 Pick-Me-Ups That Always Lift Me Out Of The 'Blues'

Pick Yourself Up And Carry On

  1. Reading books, preferably some mystery thriller or sci-fi or fantasy fiction.

  2. Watching re-runs of English action movies, or even English TV serials from the latter half of the 1900s.

  3. Engrossing myself in learning something new.

  4. Listening to music (Ricky Martin being an all-time favorite), AND singing along (Yes, even in Spanish!)

  5. Walking, preferably WITH Ricky Martin!

  6. Cooking (it's actually a very grounding activity, even though I'm not too passionate about it).

  7. Pampering myself (putting on fresh nail paint, applying a face pack, or indulging in a home pedicure/manicure...)

  8. Completing pending chores at home (ironing, cleaning cupboards...)

  9. Reading old letters from school friends (Yes, I still have them!), OR even reading my old blog posts.

  10. Doing something creative, like painting, embroidery etc., or adding some new functionality to my blog.

These were my top 10 trustworthy pick-me-ups for those times when I have to pull myself up out of the 'blues' on my own.
Which ones of these make your list too?
What other pick-me-ups do you have for such occasions?

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M R said...

All of the above are my pick-me-ups..music ,books,self-pampering..all of what you listed,and then doing something absolutely silly, which will make me as well as others laugh!

Kay said...

Haaah! MR, doing something silly is THE BEST! Coz then, you even get to blog about it and share it with your readers! 😆😆😆

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