Quick DIY Best Out Of Waste Pen Stand From Old Bangles

Quick DIY Best Out Of Waste Pen Stand From Old Bangles

Recycling old stuff has been ingrained into me from a very early age. My family didn't have a lot of money when I was growing up. So it automatically developed into this habit of finding alternate uses for stuff we didn't need, and thinking creatively to convert old unrequired items into something of use or of aesthetic value, or BOTH.

When my mom passed away, my sister and I were left with all of her beautiful glass bangles. We were too young back then to wear those bangles, but I simply couldn't make myself just give them away like that. They were MOM's bangles, after all!

So, I decided to upcylcle them into equally beautiful pen holders! Here's one of them...

Old Bangles Recyled Into A Pencil Holder
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I didn't do anything fancy or use any embellishments. Just cut-out round bases to size, from some old cardboard packaging, and used Fevibond to stick all the bangles in place. Now, of course, we have hot glue guns also available that make for easier and sturdier DIY craft projects.

Oh, and my Dad advised me to apply a coat of non-yellowing gloss varnish to give added strength to the "glass". So, I did that as well.

I made quite a few of such bangle pen stands back then, gifted them to my extended family, and even to some of my very close friends, as something to remember my mom by. Kept that vibrant yellow & red one for myself. Yellow was my mom's favorite color - she used to look so happy in those yellow banarsi silk sarees with zari border...

By the way, that coat of varnish seems to have worked quite well... the pen holder is still intact even after almost 23 years!

Do you also like to recycle old reduntant stuff into things of use?
What other creative ways do you have to recycle old bangles?
What has been your most favorite DIY best-out-of-waste project till now?

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