Last: Little Heart On The Plate

Last: Little Heart On The Plate


Photo prompt for Day 23 of the daily photo-blogging challenge I did in June 2013.

The very LAST "Little Heart" left on the plate.

Last Little Hearts Biscuit

Created this major "civil war" within me for a second.

A war between the forces of darkness versus light, of evil versus good, of black versus white...

Of whether I ought to...

  1. Be the polite, selfless, sharing girl, and offer it to my friends first,

  2. OR

  3. Just grab it off the plate before anyone else noticed it was the last one!

"Dharam-sankat" of the highest kind.


Have you ever been in a situation like this? What would you have done?

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Wanna Talk? :)

mhussain said...

I would Break it into 2 and share :)

Kay said...

Mustafa, what if there were TWO friends with you? 😒

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