My Favorite Perfume: Shalis by Remy Marquis

My Favorite Perfume: Shalis by Remy Marquis

I'm not much into makeup (still need to learn how to use a lipstick properly!) but I simply LOVE perfumes! They're in the top three of my evergreen wishlist -- the list of items that I always love to receive as gifts. Ah, but not just any perfume you see... I'm a bit selective. For instance, overly fruity or citrus smells are generally a turn-off for me, although I like woody, earthy, and most floral smells.

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Jovan Musk is one of my all-time favorites. So is Cool Water for Women by Davidoff... but the one that I like EVEN MORE than both Jovan Musk and Davidoff's Cool Water is Shalis by Remy Marquis.

My Favorite Perfume: Shalis by Remy Marquis

Shalis, by Remy Marquis, is, for some reason, not as popular as the other two I mentioned. I landed on it purely by chance, soon after I moved to Patna. There was this amazing shop in a mall there that had a huge collection of local AND genuine imported perfumes, and as soon as I tried Shalis, well... it was "love at first smell"! 😊

Been using this perfume for over two decades now, and that "flame of love" is still burning as strong as ever! Hahaha! I never fail to re-stock it by the time my existing bottle reaches below the 10% level.

So, what exactly do I love about Shalis by Remy Marquis?

Well, I'm not a perfumer, although I do have a perfumer friend who used to review fragrances for my online magazine back in 2010-11. He also reviewed Cool Water for Women by Davidoff as a guest post on my old blog. I will share that review here one of these days, and maybe I'll even ask him to do a proper review of Shalis, by Remy Marquis. But, in the meantime, here's MY take on this beautiful perfume, as a humble layman...

5 things I love about Shalis by Remy Marquis

  1. Even though it has a slight hint of fruity sweetness, it is NOT an overly fruity smell. It is primarily a floral smell - lavender and rose are the fragrances that I can identify most clearly.

  2. Overall, the smell is kind of soft and tender, and makes you feel all delicate and 'feminine' all over.

  3. It's a gentle smell, doesn't overpower like some others, you know. (Like, for example, Magnet. You use the elevator wearing Magnet, and even after an hour, anyone else using that elevator will know that someone wearing Magnet was in it a little while ago! 😆)

  4. Unlike Jovan Musk, which is a short-lasting Cologne, Shalis is an EDP that lasts REALLY long! Like for at least a couple of washes! (No kidding!) So yeah, you need to use it only sparingly.

  5. It is considerably cheaper than perfumes in the range of Cool Water for Women by Davidoff. So, you can even use it daily, without creating a gigantic hole in your pocket!

When I was in Patna, I had that fixed store where I could easily get this perfume from. Haven't been able to find it in Jaipur so far, although I must confess, I haven't hunted much, to be honest! When my bottle was about to finish, I just asked my sister to get it from Delhi. And eventually, it became available online as well.

I'm sharing the Amazon links below, if you want to try this perfume. The other perfumes mentioned in this post are also linked to their respective Amazon pages, if you want to check them out.

What kind of perfumes do YOU like?
Do you have any favorites?
Do share them below.

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