People Profiling

People Profiling

We interact with so many different people over the course of our life, don't we? Some tend to remain brief casual acquaintances, like tiny specs of dust on the windshield of our life, which would, sooner or later, get blown away by the winds of time, while some end up becoming permanent fixtures, like those windshield-wipers, to go hand-in-hand with us, throughout our life journey. And then there are those who remain somewhere in between the two ends of that spectrum...

Regardless of our level and depth of acquaintance with them, we automatically tend to categorize, or profile, them -- even if at a very broad level -- because that's how we make sense of the world around us, that's how we understand stuff -- by generalizing and categorizing.

So, here's some random "people profiling" I happened to do, back in November 2012, to make sense of the people I had come across in my life till then. As I was going through this write-up on my old blog, I realized that I would STILL categorize the people I've met so far, in more-or-less the same way.

Random Profiling of The People I've Come Across In Life

  1. There are people who seem to remain at peace with the Universe, no matter what the Universe throws at them. They are quick to smile at the slightest reason, laugh openly and whole-heartedly, and usually manage to say/do something nice to/for you.

  2. And there are people who naturally jump to the assumption that the people in the category mentioned above have everything. "If you aren't complaining about your life, then it MUST be perfect!"

  3. Then there are people who just DON'T KNOW how to be happy. They can never appreciate the beautiful gifts the Universe has given them, and they keep blaming everything/everyone around them for their unhappiness.

  4. Then again, there are people who PRETEND their life is a fantastic roller-coaster ride... while in reality their relationships might be stretched to the point of breaking, their finances may be hitting the very rock bottoms, and the combined effect of the two taking a serious toll on their health!

  5. AND, there are people who start acting really weird if they PERCEIVE that you have what they lack... popularity, success, respect, admiration, me-time, witty disposition... you name it! In fact, interactions with them could actually leave you feeling GUILTY, for having whatever they think they don't have! (I know... that's why I said "weird"!) And if you happen to be in the first category, you might also be left wondering what hit you! You could even start HIDING the good parts of your personality and your life!

  6. And finally, there are people who believe that nobody's life is perfect, that nobody has everything, and that everybody is just putting on masks for the world most of the time... DIFFERENT masks, for different 'segments' of the world, at different times.


So, these were the different profile categories, at a very broad level, that I sorted the people I'd come across in life, into. Naturally, YOUR profiling could be different from this, based on how YOU make sense of your world. Also, by no means is this an "either-or" kind of list, 'coz that would be making it just TOO simplistic. I've met people who fell into more than one of these categories at the same time. In fact, I would classify MYSELF in more than one of these categories, at least at the time of publishing this post.

How about you?
Which of these categories would you profile yourself in?
What other different categories would you like to add to this list?

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