Hello... and welcome to my space in the blogosphere.

I am Kay -- a creative conjurer -- intuitive, inquisitive, imaginative.

Intellectual and creative pursuits transport me to new dimensions. Writing, DIY crafts, web/graphics designing etc. are just a few of the tools in my magical toolbox! Occasionally, I also like to cook. (Mind you, only "occasionally"! But whenever I DO cook, it usually turns out pretty amazing!)

Writing is my passion. I wield my words like a skilled swordsman... to heal, inspire and empower. Blowing tiny fireflies of hope and humour, through casual conversations, into unsuspecting minds darkened with despair (or not), is one of my several guilty pleasures!

So yes, you can also think of me as an eloquent enchantress or a colloquial conqueror. 😄

(BTW, the same "sword" of "words" that heals, CAN hurt sharp too... IF given a reason to do so. So, be careful. Else don't say later that I didn't warn you! 😐)

In general, I am highly organised. I am more spiritual than religious, and I love to learn new stuff.

So, what other such "tools" have I learnt so far and added into my "magical toolbox"? You can check it out on this page. Took me a really long time to put it together, but it was totally worth it!

Also, since I learn mostly by "doing" and "experimenting", I have managed to accomplish quite a "potpourri" of achievements in my life! An extremely odd set of feathers in my cap that I'm, nevertheless, quite proud of, and which you can check out at this link.

In another life, I believed I was an alien. Now I KNOW that EVERYONE is, in their own unique way! 😄

In an even earlier life, I used to be an ENFP. Now, I am practically the opposite - an INTJ. (Those of you who are wondering if I have suddenly started talking "alien" - relax, this is just my Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, and, in all probability, it will change again - I still have a long life ahead of me.)

Oh by the way, I'm also a proud #Potterhead, and that, probably, will NOT change! 😎

I prefer:

  • Tea over coffee.
  • Books over pubs. (Weird comparison, isn't it? Should probably replace it with "book-shops/libraries over pubs" or "books over drinks"... huh! 🤔)
  • Cozy movie nights over loud parties.
  • Jacob Black's mind over Edward Cullen's looks.
  • Smiles over "selfie-pouts"! 🤣🤣

Don't ask me to choose:

  • between beaches and mountains
  • one type of food over another
  • one favourite book
  • one favourite Avengers superhero 🤦

What turns me on:

  • Books, movies, music, sunsets, conversations and tea.
  • The sound of falling rain.
  • The smell of wet earth and crispy clean clothes. (Yes, I smell clothes before wearing them! 🙈)
  • The feel of gentle winds rustling through my hair.
  • A job well done.
  • Creativity, humour, honesty and transparency.
  • Warm and smiley faces. (What's with all the facial intimidation, people? Loosen up! 😜)

What turns me off:

  • Lies and hypocrisy.
  • Self-absorbed, pushy people.
  • Unnecessary drama and mind games.

That being said, I really won't judge your way of being if you don't judge mine. I may, however, choose to distance myself from you. There are, after all, over 7 billion people in this world, and I would rather spend my time with people who RAISE my frequency. 🤷

So what's the story behind this blog?

Well, this isn't my first foray into blogging. That happened in December 2006, but I took that blog off the grid in December 2019, due to certain unexpected developments in my life. Realized more than 1.5 years later that a part of me was so *miserable* for not having a space to express!

Hence, this "second innings" -- i.e. my Mug Of Muse!

And what exactly is this Mug Of Muse ?

It is that mysterious part within me where all the MAGIC happens... the part from where all SOLUTIONS come, and all CREATIVITY... the part that loves and laughs and dreams...

It is the sparkle in my eyes, the questions in my mind, and ALL the ZILLIONS of possibilities in my heart...

It sings in the shower, and in the kitchen, and in the balcony, and... er, basically anywhere! And it dances in the rain. (At least MENTALLY, it does!) And... it BELIEVES.

This little corner in the blogosphere *is* my Mug Of Muse!

What will you find here?

You'll find some snapshots of my world, songs from my soul (more like "conversations" actually!), a few pages from my life chronicle...

You'll find:

  • MyDiary: some personal "adventures" and stories
  • MyShowcase: my creative "outbursts" (in the form of scribbles, craft work, digital art and culinary experiments)
  • MyLensViews: random "moments" captured through my lens
  • MyMusings: reflections of my mind... on the innumerable "mysteries" of the world!
  • MySpotlight: occasional books and movie recommendations, maybe few products too
  • MySunnyVibes: regular dose of humor, inspiration, and basically, just a whole lot of "sunny vibes"!

The Legal Stuff

Before sharing or republishing any of my work here, please have a look at my copyright information.

If any of my remarks here hurt/offend you in any way, please DO read this "Disclaimer" first.

If you still feel the same way, please let me know (using this Contact form), and I'm sure we'll be able to figure out some way to co-exist in peace!

Oh and here's my Privacy Policy and the mandatory Disclosure.

So, Shall We Be Friends Now? :D

DO join in the conversations on my posts. Or start one yourself. Share your experiences. Share your comments and views. Share your STORIES!

I LOVE stories! And I would love to hear YOURS! 😄

There's no word limit on the comments, so feel free to write as much as you want. Make yourself at home in my comments section. As they say in Spanish - "mi casa es su casa"! 😃

Let me know you visited me. Leave a comment!

Wanna Talk? :)

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