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This Blog is an expression of my personal views, experiences, learning curve, and opinions; and is hence restricted to the extent of my perception. By no means is it to be treated as the final word on a subject or as a personal guarantee by me. Please use your sound judgement while going through the information presented in any of my posts here, or while following any recommendations by me or by my readers in their comments on my Blog entries.

Further, I have no intention to promote or propagate about any particular political party, religion, race, creed, caste or sex through the expressions in my Blog. I am tolerant of all. However, I may, from time-to-time, mark certain things noteworthy, or un-noteworthy, about the various happenings around me; which, again will be solely based upon my perception, and will, in all probability, keep changing from time-to-time.

Lastly, I have no wish to slander anyone's name, reputation or goodwill in this world. I respect ALL, and therefore request all to please understand that any offense "seemingly" caused by any of my posts here, is totally unintentional and either due to the limited scope of my perspective, or because of the difference in the way we perceive the world. If anyone feels that any of my posts may be hurting someone's sentiments or feelings or reputation, kindly bring it to my attention at once (through this Contact form), and the "offensive-material" will be removed immediately.

Please note that any offensive or abusive comments, posted by anyone, on any of my Blog entries, will also not be appreciated and will be strictly dealt with.

This Blog is intended to be a HAPPY place -- full of cheer and creativity and inspiration. Please feel free to use it for the aforesaid purpose. Keep it clean. Keep it positive. Have fun! 😃

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