Do you ever experience those moments of self-doubt where you seem to have forgotten everything that you know how to do and you HAVE done countless times before in your life?

I used to, until very recently, and more often than I would've liked. Therefore, I finally decided to note them all down here, as a sort of ready-reckoner list, to refer back to, during such phases of 'partial amnesia'.

I did write a post earlier on my 10 "super powers", but THAT was mostly laced with modesty, humility and self-deprecating humour. So, I've taken some time and come up with my REAL "super powers" now. Publishing it as a 'page' instead of a 'post', so that it remains easily accessible to me.

My REAL Super Powers

  1. My focus on personal growth

    • I am constantly working on self-improvement
    • Exploring my potential & possibilities available to me
    • I keep challenging myself with new situations & goals
    • I’m a lifelong student of life, always stretching my wings
  2. My dedication and commitment

    • To family, as well as my own personal growth
    • To courses, presentations, blogging challenges
    • To extra work targets or extensive physiotherapy
    • To basically whatever task I set myself
  3. My strong sense of respect

    • For people’s personal spaces & individualities
    • For their experiences & varying viewpoints
    • For time, money, possessions & relationships
    • For plants, animals & all of Nature
  4. My ‘seeking mind’

    • My natural curiosity & inquisitiveness to learn
    • My solution-centric approach to challenges
    • My outcome-orientation & mental flexibility
    • My youthfulness of spirit & focus on growth
  5. My mental agility and flexibility to change

    • Ability to easily adapt to different situations
    • Ability to gel with people of varying backgrounds
    • Ability to learn & unlearn, quickly & easily
    • Ability to come up with new strategies & improvise
  6. My resilience

    • My ingenuity & creativity at designing strategies
    • My deep-rooted faith in myself & my ability to learn
    • My ability to get back up on my feet & heal myself
    • My intense desire to ‘experience’ the end outcome
  7. My strong drive to contribute

    • Natural tendency to help & empower others
    • Feeling of Oneness & connect with all of Creation
    • Deep sense of Gratitude for the entire System
    • Growth orientation, both for self & the System
  8. My ability to ask for help

    • "Help will always be given to those who ask for it" [HP]
    • My absolute Faith in Universe’s support to me
    • Belief that the System ALWAYS takes care of its own
    • Willingness to receive, to give back more effectively
  9. My granular observation skills

    • My extensive sensory acuity & retention
    • My laser-sharp focus & detail orientation
    • My quick and penetrating intelligence
    • My ability to notice anomalies in patterns
  10. My acute discerning abilities

    • Able to get the 'bottom-line' quickly & accurately
    • I am intuitively, but unobtrusively, perceptive
    • Able to see different perspectives instantly
    • Have a keen insight and sound judgement mostly
  11. My logical and analytical skills

    • No lawyer would want to cross examine me
    • Ability to do high-speed real-time processing
    • Identify multiple correlations between data sets
    • Explore various diverse possibilities & applications
  12. My learning skills

    • I’m deeply attentive when learning something new
    • I follow instructions & don’t hesitate to ask questions
    • I’m focused & curious about the topic & its applicability
    • I keep working & correcting myself till I get it right
  13. My ability to internalize my learnings

    • I’m like a giant insatiable sponge in a sea of knowledge
    • I’m able to learn almost anything easily & effortlessly
    • I imbibe my learnings at a deep, unconscious level
    • I start using & applying them creatively & innovatively
  14. My memory

    • I remember 40-year old stuff, from when I was a toddler
    • I remember things I read in magazines in school library
    • I can reproduce conversations practically verbatim
    • I remember both names & stories of those I interact with
  15. My visionary skills

    • Ability to CONCEIVE new possibilities in existing stuff
    • See something new, of aesthetic or functional value
    • Imagine what else I can do with the resources I have
    • Then figure out ways to convert the visions into reality
  16. My creative skills

    • Extensive neuron-network between my left & right brain
    • Good at DIY art & craft, and inexpensive home décor
    • Witty word play, quirky cooking, artistic ensembles
    • Visual storytelling, DTP work, blog & website design
  17. My art & craft skills

    • I have been embroidering since I was 5 years old
    • Learnt so many other techniques & skills since then
    • Batik, tie-n-dye, emboss painting, glass painting
    • Flower making, macramé, gift packing, recycling
  18. My writing skills

    • Sort through & make sense of my mental world
    • Express my thoughts, feelings, ideas & stories
    • Create vivid imagery & evoke strong emotions
    • Connect, heal, inspire, entertain & empower
  19. My culinary skills

    • My green chilli pickle & gond ke laddu are irresistible
    • A cake-hating toddler couldn’t resist my chocolate cake
    • My ‘veg au gratin’ is the star of family New Year bashes
    • Even my lauki (bottle gourd) ki sabji can be relished daily
  20. My blogging skills

    • Structuring & organizing content visually & logically
    • Blogger/WordPress setup, design, features, graphics
    • Writing, Search Engine Optimization, content marketing
    • Branding, social media management & email marketing
  21. My computer skills

    • Programming skills, including Java, C++, Oracle, MS-SQL
    • Web design: HTML, CSS, UI/UX, SEO, Photoshop, WP CMS
    • Excellent at troubleshooting hardware/software issues
    • Can assemble an entire desktop computer from scratch
  22. My extra-curricular skills

    • I’m super awesome at enacting in dumb-charades
    • I'm a bathroom-turned-kitchen-turned-anywhere singer
    • I’m good at writing comedy skits that are actually funny
    • I even do amazing leg-pulling, with that perfect timing
  23. My organizing skills

    • PC data, over-loaded book cabinet & cupboards at home
    • Contents of my entire shop in the spare bedroom
    • Modest school picnic, or sister’s elaborate wedding
    • Monthly budget, or a variety-feature online magazine
  24. My communication skills

    • My clarity of thought & outcome-oriented approach
    • Active whole-body listening & behavioural flexibility
    • Word choice, intonation, pitch & voice modulation
    • Examples & stories that people can easily relate to
  25. My personal skills and traits

    • I have an infectious smile & naughty, sparkling eyes
    • I am intelligent, passionate & driven by excellence
    • I am conscientious, fair, honest & straightforward
    • I am courageous & wise, charming & considerate
  26. My people skills

    • I am open, warm, friendly & naturally charismatic
    • Emotionally expressive, witty & funny, easy to talk to
    • I am humble, responsible, trustworthy & dependable
    • I am kind, compassionate, helpful & empathetic
  27. My leadership skills

    • I’m able to take the initiative to do something new
    • I also accept the responsibility with the authority
    • I create an atmosphere of openness, trust & respect
    • I listen attentively & communicate my message clearly
  28. My wealth appreciation skills

    • I’ve been able to plan & stick to a budget since childhood
    • I buy what I need, not what others think I ‘should’ have
    • Until demonetisation, I always had 50K+ saved in my ‘gullak’
    • Consistently saved 50% of family income over last 10 years
  29. My ‘PR’ skills

    • With my close school-friends & EVEN THEIR PARENTS
    • Family terms with my office team & my shop customers
    • The Bloggers’ Meet @ Delhi, writers for my magazine
    • Girls at my old PG, my ‘train’ friends & ‘training’ friends
  30. My rapport-building skills

    • Able to connect with 4yo toddlers to 70+ senior citizens
    • Comfort with both housewives & working professionals
    • Across different socio-economic backgrounds & regions
    • With people of varying nationality, ethnicity & religions
  31. My ability to influence others

    • I inspire & motivate others through my own example
    • I create a safe space of acceptance for them to open up
    • I instil the confidence in them to go after their goals
    • My words evoke joy, compassion, tenderness & strength
  32. My fairness and sensitivity to others

    • Ability to put myself in the other person’s shoes
    • Respect & acceptance for different points of view
    • Belief in peaceful co-existence in our respective spaces
    • Value of long-term credibility over momentary gain
  33. My ability to explain things to others in their language

    • My clarity of outcome & genuine desire to add value
    • My keen observation & intuitive perception
    • My verbal flexibility & quick out-of-the-box thinking
    • My infinite reservoir of metaphors, quotes & proverbs
  34. My ability to appreciate others

    • I’m able to genuinely acknowledge & admire others
    • ‘Coz I actually SEE them, like in the movie Avatar
    • My mind is skilled in seeking applicability of everything
    • I automatically note what new they bring to the table
  35. My ability to forgive others

    • People aren’t black or white, but a varying mix of both
    • I’m able to separate the behaviour from the person
    • I’m able to see where they’re coming from, their motive
    • I believe that everyone has their own learning curve
  36. My ability to learn from others

    • I observe & learn from people very easily & quickly
    • Whatever I admire in someone, I pick up effortlessly
    • I have a high grasping power for the finer nuances
    • I have a child-like mental & behavioural flexibility
  37. My competition with ONLY myself

    • Belief that we are all unique, yet inherently, the same
    • Hence, no need to prove myself better than anyone
    • Keen focus on growth & uncovering my full potential
    • Can see my ‘competitors’ also as my ‘mentors in spirit’
  38. My genuineness

    • I am authentic, unpretentious, real & true to myself
    • I think for myself, say what I mean, do what feels right
    • I own up to my mistakes & freely express my feelings
    • I may break rapport to remain congruent with myself
  39. My ability to stand for what’s right

    • I am mostly easy-going, but I’m also fair & just
    • I can dig my heels in, like Angad of Ramayan
    • I can also draw my sword, like the Jhansi Ki Rani
    • I am selective about which battles I pick to fight
  40. My outcome-oriented approach

    • I like being in control & taking responsibility of my life
    • When I’m clear about my goal, I have a one-track mind
    • I’m persistent & flexible in trying different strategies
    • I kind of ‘will’ things to move in the direction I want
  41. My quality-centric approach

    • In ironing clothes perfectly or arranging my wardrobe
    • In cutting vegetables in perfect equal-sized pieces
    • In batik, tie-n-dye & embroidery work that looks pro
    • In creating pixel-perfect digital art & web design work
  42. My punctuality

    • I respect people’s time, as well as my own
    • I organize my schedule clearly & effectively
    • I usually keep some spare margin for contingency
    • I inform the people concerned, if at all I’m late
  43. My unselfconscious manner

    • I usually don’t care what MOST PEOPLE think of me
    • I can be funny, silly, spontaneous, playful & naughty
    • I don’t shy away from goofing up or laughing at myself
    • I can even scold people & express my anger easily
  44. My unique style quotient

    • I like quirky & creative ‘mix-n-match’ in my attire
    • I like to express myself freely & unselfconsciously
    • I’m able to see creative alternate utility of things
    • I love the artistic & unconventional ‘Bohemian’
  45. My sense of humour

    • I seem to have a knack for wry & dry humour
    • I’m able to twist most stressful situations into jokes
    • I create some really quirky & unexpected connections
    • I have a sharp wit & an equally awesome comic timing
  46. My ability to improvise

    • I am skilled at the art of ‘creative Indian jugaad
    • I conjure out-of-the-box ways of using my resources
    • I can see alternate ways of utilizing what’s available
    • I’m equally good at both lateral thinking & upcycling
  47. My presence of mind

    • I use my observation, clear thinking, recall & processing
    • I can envision multiple new approaches spontaneously
    • I can find creative solutions, even in stressful situations
    • I respond rationally, calmly, appropriately & promptly
  48. My ability to make snappy decisions & follow them through

    • I make intuitive, effective decisions that work out well
    • I get my desired outcome OR some awesome learning
    • I usually stick to my decisions, irrespective of challenges
    • I see them through ‘coz I’m so curious of the outcome
  49. My courage to go off the beaten path

    • I don’t hesitate to break off from the ‘herd’ if needed
    • I can do whatever it takes, to find my own Truth
    • I can be different & take the road less-travelled
    • I can be the ‘mover & shaker’, the ‘trend-setter’
  50. My extreme faith in the Universe

    • My entire life seems carefully scripted for a purpose
    • Whatever happens in my life, is for my highest good
    • Even the ‘short-term pain’ is really for ‘long-term gain’
    • I’m constantly being guided to my Truth, my real SELF
  51. My ability to go beyond my past

    • I have a powerful, unstoppable, relentless spirit
    • Challenges have only enhanced my mind & creativity
    • Difficulties have helped me grow stronger & wiser
    • My faith has strengthened – in myself & the Universe
  52. My physical & mental healing ability

    • Using Reiki, Chakra healing, NLP, writing & affirmations
    • I focus on healing through the mind-body connection
    • Family/relationship problems, old/childhood traumas
    • I’ve even worked successfully with kids, plants & animals
  53. My empathetic listening ability

    • I ACTUALLY listen to people, even to their unsaid feelings
    • My natural curiosity helps me dig out the deeper "stories"
    • They feel understood, validated & encouraged to share
    • I come across as non-judgemental, sincere & genuine
  54. My ‘positive belief-change’ ability

    • I notice the good points about both people & situations
    • I inspire trust & confidence, in both me & themselves
    • My simple-to-complex style lets them connect easily
    • I propel them into action, by creating a ‘success mindset’
  55. My ‘breakthrough’ coaching ability

    • I'm extremely solution oriented, creative & flexible
    • I'm easily able to identify the root causes of problems
    • Good at seeing applications/possibilities when stuck
    • I do 'mental redesign' by giving different perspectives
  56. My ‘sounding board’ ability

    • I look at things from all angles, & analyse objectively
    • Help others in assessing feasibility of goals & plans
    • Good at directing their attention to ignored areas
    • Able to talk them through effective decision making
  57. My behavioural flexibility

    • Child-like ‘bubbliness’, as well as depth & high maturity
    • Strong family values & independent, progressive thinking
    • Can seem harsh, aloof & hard, or soft, kind & approachable
    • Can speak my mind coldly, or joke & banter from the heart

So, these are some of my skills and abilities that are WORTH REMEMBERING for me. Quite a few of these list items were noticed and brought to my awareness by my friends -- people I've studied and worked with -- and I'm grateful to them for sharing their appreciative feedback with me so sincerely. I will keep updating this list as and when I remember more of my special strengths and talents.

Also, sometimes, the mind needs ACTUAL, TANGIBLE and CONCRETE evidence, to be convinced of its worthiness. So, I have listed all such evidence I have till now, on a separate page for my achievements.

Do YOU have any such list of your strengths and abilities, or of your accomplishments? If not, I would highly recommend making one, because while continuous self-improvement and growth is important, it is also equally essential to firmly ground yourself in who you ALREADY ARE, and what you have ALREADY ACHIEVED, because trees that are firmly rooted are better equipped to stand through stormy weathers.

Let me know you visited me. Leave a comment!

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